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Central Ohio Public Information Network

2018 Full Membership Meetings

Location: Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security Office
5300 Strawberry Farms
Columbus, Ohio 43230

Time: 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

July 11
October 10

Welcome to web site, home to all information and resources regarding the Central Ohio Public Information Network (COPIN) TM.

Members of COPIN believe effective, strategic communications to key audiences is one of the most critical components during any community emergency. COPIN's vision is to create and maintain a group of public information professionals that can work together and with area agencies to provide public information functions and media support in response to disasters and other public emergencies in support of first responders.

Learn how COPIN can help you.

COPIN Mission

Central Ohio Public Information Network members will serve as a professional resource for member preparedness, and will assist COPIN with communication response to support its regional jurisdictions during a disaster or emergency situation.

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